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MJC takes tremendous pride in providing our employees with exceptional ongoing training and development, clearly delineated career paths, recognition and rewards, and a collaborative team environment that inspires consistently outstanding performances.

We believe that our distinguishing value is our employees, and we offer employees ethical leadership, advantages, and opportunities commensurate with our recognition of their worth. We provide the context and support our employees need to execute our firm’s mission, vision, and values while engaging in interesting, challenging projects that enable our employees to achieve significant career advancement.

Why is MJC a great place to work?

Morris J. Cohen & Co., P.C. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Why is MJC a great place to work?

Morris J. Cohen & Co., P.C. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Career Benefits

Starting Your Career

MJC provides customized training and significant advancement opportunities for employees. If you are a recent graduate or starting a new career in accounting, MJC offers a formalized, career-track development program that includes:

One-week assimilation program to acclimatize you to MJC’s mission, vision, policies, reporting structure, technology, team environment, physical layout, and expectations.

Experiential opportunities early and often to observe and participate in internal and external client meetings to gain familiarity with our protocol and intensive customer focus.

Continuous professional and
technical training, confidential communication, and development-focused feedback.

A well-defined mentoring program that facilitates your professional development.

Our Training and Development Program

Our program is designed to serve as a strong foundation for personal advancement to ensure our employees’ success. We provide a well-rounded education in both accounting and taxation that is tailored to meet your career goals.

The First 2 Years

Focus on auditing and accounting best practices, client engagement protocol, CPA examination preparation, 20 hours of annual training on AICPA and FASB’s new pronouncements, policies and practices, annual 3-day intensive, off-site public accounting basic and advanced training programs, annual formal tax preparation training, as well as frequent communication with the training manager to ensure alignment of your career aspirations with your customized training and development.

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Years 2-4

Focus on facilitating your assuming full responsibility, with coaching, for small accounting engagements, expanding involvement in portions of large audit and accounting engagements, preparation of financial statements, annual 3-day intensive, off-site “beginning in-charge” and “supervisory” training programs, hands-on training opportunities for continued development of taxation knowledge and preparation skills, 20 hours of FASB and AICPA training, as well as ongoing coaching.

During Years 3-5

The accountant receives ongoing formal auditing and accounting training in various areas selected on the basis of career growth goals and client needs. This may include not-for-profit accounting, OMB Circular A-133 requirements, advanced review and compilation training, advanced auditing training, fair-value accounting, audits of 401(k) plans, internal controls and others. FASB and AICPA training is ongoing.

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During Years 5-7

As a licensed CPA, a manager receives ongoing training and coaching and assumes full responsibility for all aspects of client engagement, staff supervision and practice management, external relations, and ensuring adherence to the firm’s high standards of performance.

MJC provides financial assistance with costs of CPA exam and time off to take the exam.

Advancing your Career

It’s been our experience that championing our employees’ results in their providing consistently exceptional service to our clients. We offer a corporate culture of respect, trust, and support so that our employees and our firm consistently exceed expectations.

For Senior-level Accountants and Managers

MJC provides abundant opportunities as well as the education to excel in all aspects of your career. We work in a variety of specialty industries and are committed to providing the structure and support our employees need to maximize their potential and achieve their career aspirations. Our core businesses include audit and assurance services for not-for-profit and for-profit entities as well as 401(k) plans; tax services, including transactional, business, and individual consultation; and business consulting services.

Our market niches include:

For-profit companies, including areas such as professional services, manufacturing, and distribution sectors; not-for-profit entities, including private and charter schools, cultural organizations, research organizations, and single audit organizations. We provide audit and assurance services for both for-profit entities as well as not-for-profit entities; tax services, including business, individual, and transactional; and an array of business consulting services. Additionally, we provide consulting engagements, auditing, and audit preparation services for 401(k)plans. We also consult on mergers and acquisitions for both buyers and sellers.

Mentoring Program

MJC has a well-defined mentoring program that facilitates learning and professional development. Our mentoring program matches you with a highly experienced advisor who assists in maintaining momentum in your career development, further enhancing your professional skills, aligning with both short-term and long-term goals, and providing you with ongoing access to seasoned experts.

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